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New semester just started at school, so new classes, new teachers, etc.
I'm in a computer art class. The computers in the computer lab for that class have very low refresh rates on the monitor. (If anyone doesn't know what that means, basically it's how fast the screen refreshes itself)
I'm a little sensitive to that sort of thing, and thus it's hurting my eyes.
Now, because this is on a network, I'm unable to go in and change the refresh rate. The only thing I can think of to do, therefore, is lower the monitor's brightness. Like, with the controls on the front of the monitor.
So, the brightness is at about 50% at this point. I lower it to 25%. This is good for a while. But eventually my eyes start hurting again, so I lower the brightness all the way.
However, this time, the teacher "catches" me doing it.
'Don't adjust the monitors..' I hear behind me.
Calmly, I reply, 'It was hurting my eyes.' I wasn't going to bother trying to explain the concept of refresh rates in the middle of class, so I left it at that.
'Adjusting the colors makes it so the computers don't process colors correctly.'
WTF? I was adjusting the brightness. c_C The only thing I can figure is that for some reason she must have thought I was in the computer's Display Properties and lowering the colors. Which I don't get since the monitor settings dealie is this gray window that covers a small part of the screen and looks nothing like the Windows 2000 Display Properties thing. In any case, that comment proved that it would have been pointless to explain the refresh rate thing.
Anyway, so I repeat, 'It was really, badly hurting my eyes.'
'You're just going to have to deal with that; if you mess with the colors they won't display correctly.'

That was pretty much the end of that conversation. I kept the brightness at the lowest setting. ;P It helped for most of the class, but by the end of class (it's a just-over-two-hour-long class) I was fighting back the need to dry-heave and getting a bad headache.
So, I'm going to go see campus disability services when I get a chance, and see if there's anything that can be done about this.
But to FINALLY get to the point, should I submit a complaint about the teacher? I suppose I wouldn't be so annoyed about it if, on the first day of class (this happened during the second class) she hadn't made a big deal out of saying how she wants evvvveryone in class to feel comfortable and welcome and doesn't want anyone to feel teased or singled out, yadda yadda, because you can't learn well if you're uncomfortable in your learning environment.
And her 'suck it up and deal' attitude didn't impress me much. 9_9

Maybe I'll just start sitting in the back of the room.
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