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Okay, I expected the half-hour lateness of my hospital appointment, despite which I'd arrived early. But this...

To the nurse in charge at my local breast clinic,

Yes, I am a teenager. Yes, I am aware that breast cancer is extraordinarily rare for my age group, almost to the point of being entirely nonexistent. Not only did my GP tell me so, I looked it up for myself before I even got to see her. I understand that this is most likely, from the hospital's POV, a useless visit.

However, that does not give you an excuse to fucking laugh at me when you find out my age. Breast lumps are still breast lumps, however old you are, and when they hurt and you're fucking scared you've got fucking cancer, no matter what the odds, having someone laugh at you is really not a good thing. If my GP sees fit to send me to you for a second opinion, it means she thinks there is a chance- she found lumps too, after all.

Having you then go on and smirk at me when you asked if I had any children was just the nail in the coffin. Your attitude was condescending and unprofessional, and no one should have to deal with that, health scare or no.

No love,


EDIT: I now plan on writing a letter, exams be damned. No-one should have to put up with something like that, ever, let alone during a health scare.
Tags: *medical/pharmacy, first do no harm?
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