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But she is allergic to crabs!

Be warned, there's teal deers wandering around!

I was at school last semester and bumped into a girl I graduated from high school with. After much OHMYGODding, we exchanged phone numbers/e-mails and the like and agreed that we should try and have lunch or dinner together once a month to catch up. Find out who's doing what, where and why and all that happy fun stuff.

So last weekend I had a rare day off from work (I am a waitress, but I promise I'm not lazy/stupid/rude ;_; don't haaate me!), so to lunch it was. I wanted spinach dip in the worst possible way, and the restaurant next to my place was just too packed (some sort of crazy 25-feeds-two-people coupon dropped). So, to the pub we go.

Even though their new spinach dip pales in comparison to the old one (a tragedy!), it's still pretty friggen good so my friend and I get a seat at the booths by the bar and ... wait.

And wait.

Aaaaaaaaaaaandcanyouguesswhatwedoooooo we wait.

Five minutes go by and hop up and go visit the bar tender, who is very confused as to how it's possible that no one had been to us yet. There were no people in the restaurant. None. Maybe five or six other tables. I can see not noticing you have a table-- I'm a waitress, and it happens. You forget your section, sections were changed and you've yet to be informed because hosts suck sometimes (I'm a host too!), etc. It happens and I get that.

But our boy (let's call him Fuckup McDumbass) was at the bar, chatting. Chatting. And according to the bar tender, knew he had a table, left for a moment, and went back to the bar.

Um. So ... we were purposefully ignored for what reason? Whatever.

The bar tender (whom I have as a waitress often, since my sisters like it there) has a brief two second chat with Fuckup McDumbass which I recognize instantly as the 'these girls tip super good so be nice to theeeem' chat.

He strolls over, takes our drink order, and scurries off immediately even though I just said I was ready to order. Um. O...okay, maybe he didn't hear me...?

Since I can see the bar, I see my beer and my friends frozen drink come up at the bar. And we wait.

And wait.

And wait.

And then I get the fuck up and get my own drinks because frozen drinks are best served frozen! Gah! My bar tender is a bit frazzled at this point-- she has no idea where Fuckup McDumbass is, or why he didn't have time to get his drinks. He has ... one table. Us! And it's off to an extremely poor start.

Fuckup McDumbass comes back, doesn't mention our drinks and takes our order. We get spinach dip to split and chicken fingers and fries to split.

Food is delivered promptly by a different server besides Fuckup McDumbass. I tell the girl that I would like another beer, and a water and then... I blink at my food.

My food, it is not spinach dip!

It's crab dip.

As delicious as crab dip is, it's not what I ordered. Mostly because my dear friend is deathly allergic to shellfish. So I ask the girl to take it back-- she might have grabbed the wrong tray, it happens. We nibble on the chicken fingers and Fuckup McDumbass comes back with the crab dip.

"Here's your order."
"No, we ordered spinach dip."
"No, you ordered crab dip."
"She's allergic to crabs."
"You ordered crab dip."

I'm a tad dumbfounded. In what world is it acceptable for a server to argue with a guest? Not in mine, that's for damn sure, and I live on both sides of the line. As a waitress I know it's in my best interest to be polite, because irritating an already irate guest is never a good idea, and as a customer I just expect more!

I tell him to take it back in the least nice way I can manage and re-order my spinach dip. He takes it back.

Fuckup McDumbass ignores us for a while, I go to the bar to order my own drinks (no sense in waiting five minutes for him to show up, five minutes for him to deliver it ...).

You know what does come up fast?

Our bill. He drops the bill off without so much as an 'anything I can get ya', or 'we thinking about dessert' (we were). I look my bill over and notice it's rather high.

Both the spinach dip and crab dip that I sent back to the kitchen are on the check.

I get a manager involved who immediately remedies the issue. I'm not the kind to ask for coupons, vouchers, etc. so I don't, but I'm sure I could have. I pay the bill and leave Fuckup McDumbass a nice big $0 tip, surrounded by smilie faces and hearts :D


Who does that?!
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