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A friend of mine and I went to McDonald's to take advantage of the $1 Lg drink special.  Considering the time, it wasn't surprising that no one was in line.  We were asked to wait a moment at the order speaker, but just a short time.  We pulled through to the 1st window and waited.  A couple of minutes go by and we begin to wonder if we have misunderstood somehow and went to the wrong window.  As my friend switches gears to pull forward, the money girl shows up from around the corner, cell phone in hand.  My friend looks at me in disbelief and asks "Did she just make us wait while she finished her call?"  The girl opened the window and took our money.  Her phone range again, and she managed a "Have a nice night." while she answered her phone with us still sitting there.  We pulled up to the next window, a bit flabbergasted.  Now, I hate when people talk on their cells in movies, restaurants and especially at work.  The man at the 2nd window came to hand us our drinks.  Just as I was contemplating asking for a manager, I noticed his white shirt.  Still a bit taken aback, I look at him from the passenger seat and ask "Are you aware your employee is answering her phone in front of customers?" 

Now, I have a son so I understand kids.  I understand emergencies.  I also understand bosses usually letting you use the work phone for important family issues.  Please do not be talking on your phone at work.  Just no.
Tags: *fast food, it's only bad service if you die
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