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Like, seriously?

I work at an educational institute that is right near a pastry shop that our students and staff often frequent. Several times per semester we put in large orders for miscellaneous pastries from them. In my department, personally, we do a humongous (600+) pastry order at the beginning of every semester, plus at least a couple of smaller (30ish) pastry orders maybe once or twice a month. It goes the exact same way every time. In fact, my institute even has an order sheet we fill out with an account number so that they can invoice us at the end of the month instead of us paying with cash. I usually order with the same employee every time. And every single time she acts as if she's never seen me before and has no idea what I want. It generally goes like this:

Me: Hi, I'd like to order 670 miscellaneous pastries for Monday at 8 a.m. (I usually order the Wednesday or Thursday before I need them) and I'm ordering it for (company name).

Her: (gets a scared look on her face, asks her supervisor if it's "possible" for them to do this. The answer is always "yes").

Then I fill out the sheet and go away. When I come back to pick them up she usually looks at me like she has no idea what I'm in for. Then I have to count how many boxes they've put the pastries into and then order extra boxes in order to divy them up correctly.

Also sometimes the teachers phone in individual orders during the semester and then when I come in to pick up the orders and ask to charge it to my company she again does not recognize me and claims I have to pay with cash until her supervisor tells her it's okay to let me put it on my company's invoice. Seriously? I come in several times per semester and I ALWAYS put my order on the same form and yet you never have any idea who I am?

So this is mildly annoying, but then we get our invoice in for the $450.00 worth of pastries we ordered. And right underneath the charge for the pastries is an additional charge for $450.00...for the seven empty pastry boxes I ordered when I picked up the pastries. She had had me sign the sheet and said she would fill in the cost of the boxes after I left, but instead of filling in the correct price she just wrote " underneath the cost of the 670 pastries.

I know people make mistakes but wow, that's a reaaaaalllllly big mistake to make, especially since on the invoice it even says under merchandise that the product is "boxes". On top of the feigning ignorance every single time I go in there, it's just annoying.
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