modest (ex_modest195) wrote in bad_service,

Tim Horton's Woes

Dear Tim Hortons cashiers,
Is there some sort of brain munching virus you all become infected with while working at Tim Hortons? Why is everything so confusing for you? I've been biting my lip about their service lately as I've been a frequent customer there and it's as if the service gets worse every single time. Why go back? Because they put cocaine in their new iced coffees and now I can't stop drinking them.

We have the worst service at the Tim Horton's in my boyfriend's area. And it began with the iced coffee. When I worked at McDonald's, iced coffee had an identical recipe to that of Tim Hortons 1) coffee 2) cream 3) ice 4) LIQUID SUGAR. When I bring that sweet, quenching drink to my parched lips and inhale half the drink in under a second, all I taste is bitter coffee. But that's easily amendable, just gimme the sugar...So when my boyfriend kindly asks if we can have liquid sugar in our iced coffees, the cashier gets this dumbfounded look on her face, shrugs and says bitterly, "it's a mix of coffee." Really, and here I thought that this was an orange, FOILED BY A MIX OF COFFEE. She then tosses some packets of sugar (which don't dissolve well in cold coffee) and briskly walks away without another word.

A few days later, we pop in to grab a bite to go. We order two ham and swiss trios, with iced coffee and plain donuts. We get home. There are two iced coffees, two donuts and one ham and swiss sandwich. I couldn't even describe the defeat in my boyfriend's face. We ended up sharing it. He felt it was our fault for not checking the bag, but...not really, I'm pretty sure we ordered the food to go, not a-la-treasure-hunt.

We went back earlier this week and went through the drive-thru, with every intention of checking every crevice of anything handed to us. We did this time, but not without the cashier being the most redonkulous witch.

When my boyfriend says, "two trios of ham and swiss" she immediately responds with the price and asks us to drive around. My boyfriend wonders if she charged him the trio, and when he asks at the window she gets this look in her eye and says,

"What? You wanted a trio?"
"Yes" my boyfriend replies.
"Well, you can't expect me to guess" she hisses as her manicured claws begin to bang away at the cash as she fills the rest of her order, not without huffing or puffing and telling the rest of the staff "ZOMG IT'S A TRIO NOW GUIZ~" throughout the entire thing. My boyfriend's patience wears thin and he gets the last word, "It wouldn't kill you to clarify orders."
Tags: coffee/doughnuts/bagels
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