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A coupon? I think not.

I despise eating out. Why? Because SOMETHING always happens! Hairs in food, horrible service, or food cooked wrong. Now, what happened this week, was definitely new.

My mother and I argued over and over where we would head to dinner that night. I wanted Chinese but she wanted to try the "new" steakhouse, Logan's. Finally caving, thinking, sure, I could go for steak. We go in, and they sit us in a corner where the A/C was on full-blast. Mind you, it was only high 60s that day. No need for the A/C cranked that much. But, whatever. I figured I could deal. Our waitress was actually really nice, and got our drinks and salads to us pretty quickly. Soon after we received our sirloin steaks and I was slightly disappointed at the way it was cooked. A bit too pink than what I asked for, but again, I could deal. The rest of the meal went without a hitch. The A/C turned off pretty much right after we ordered our dessert of course. The waitress asked us if we'd like new sodas before she went to take care of our bill, but we had half glasses so we said no. Well, I ended up being a bit more thirsty afterwords due to the dessert, but not really wanting a whole new soda, I just decided to dig in after the ice.

Well, I used my straw to pull one cube forward, so I wouldn't get a mouthful of ice if I tipped it right back into my mouth. I was chatting with my ma as I did so, and wasn't paying too much mind. I happened to glance into my empty glass except for ice, and to my horror..... a TOOTHPICK was hanging out in the middle with the cubes. My stomach rolled.

We informed the waitress and she was horrified as well, and quickly grabbed the manager. Now, this is the bad service part as if finding a toothpick in your drink wasn't bad enough: the manager actually looked at me skeptically, and was talking to me as if I placed the toothpick in there just to earn something free from them.

Manager: What do you want me to do for you? he asks...
Me: I just wanted to let you know how disgusting that was to find a toothpick in my glass.

and he just STARES at me -____-

he finally digs into his pocket and pulls out a card, for a free appetizer -___- LAME. 

He has another thing coming thinking we'll come back because he gave me a COUPON!

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