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Bad bus driver?

Here is the letter I wrote to the bus company.
After boarding on the bus heading to Washington Square, the bus driver stopped at the stop sign like normal. He then said (quietly I might add and I could barely hear him sitting at the front) that the couple in back needed to fold their stroller.
Nothing happened and he just sat there.
Again he said the same thing.
Again nothing happened.
Then the third time he spoke a little louder and someone from the bus asked what was up and why weren't we going. The couple who had the baby said that he was sleeping but the driver said he did not care the stroller needs to be up or we were not leaving.

I do hope that he does this with everyone and anyone and not just this couple as they were African American. I am only noting that in case that was the reason.

A lady then tried to get off the bus because she was in a hurry and he would not let her off either. He said it was not allowed. This went on for about a total of 5 minutes with us just sitting there.

Then comes the stop at TV Hwy and SW Murray. There is specifically a pull in spot for people to get on the bus but he stopped in the middle of the road and the lady had to cross part of the street to get on. When it was time for my stop, he did the same thing. Though there is not a specific location, it is generally polite (though not sure if required) to pull up to the curb so people can exit without taking such a big step... unless of course they are at a driveway which I then understand. I wanted to let you know of these. Thank you for your time.

For people that do not want to read:
Bus driver would not leave until stroller was folded even though they were in the back and the baby was sleeping. (This could have been his rules or because of the couples race, this I do not know)
In the mean time he would also not let people off who asked.
Then on the route he didn't stop at the stops but instead the middle of the road.

EDIT: I understand that the race card is not always right. In this case I wrote it JUST IN CASE. If the driver follows this rule for everyone then it is not the case but if he doesn't then it be better to bring it up than not. Because they can get in trouble for that. If he is just following the rules then good. If not then bad.
Tags: can you hear me now?, following rules =/= bad service, public transit, put away the race card plz
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