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the wheels of justice turn slowly...

...but they do turn.

Here is an update to this post in which I described how the world's laziest mailman felt it was just too much to ask for him to actually step up on my porch and push my mail through the letter slot, and instead decided to hurl it at my front door as he walked by.

This may be one of the most satisfying endings ever to a bad service story.

So I call my local post office first thing Monday and ask for the branch manager. I explain what happened, thinking he'll probably just take my information, offer a general apology and then hang up the phone. Instead, without even asking me to hang on, putting me on hold or even covering the mouthpiece, he starts yelling around the room, asking "Who delivered the mail to Blah-Blah Apartments on Saturday?" There's some general mumbling in the background and somebody comes up with a name. Let's call him Jerry. Branch manager starts yelling for Jerry, and the culprit steps forward.

This is the conversation that followed, in script form:

BM: Branch Manager
J: Jerry
Me: *waves*

BM: Did you deliver the mail to Blah-Blah Apartments on Saturday?
J: *reluctantly* ...yeah.
BM: Did you throw the mail on people's porches instead of putting it in the mail slot?
J: *lamely* It wasn't nothin' but mostly junk...
BM: If we have a mail receptacle, why would we throw the mail on the porch?
J: *mumbles something*
BM: Answer the question. *enunciating each word slowly and distinctly* IF. WE. HAVE. A. MAIL. RECEPTACLE. WHY. WOULD. WE. THROW. THE. MAIL. ON. THE. PORCH.
J: *really squirming now* Just tryin' to save time...
BM: Would you want your mail thrown on your porch?
J: No, sir.
BM: *a moment of disgusted silence, then comes back to the phone* I'm sorry about that, ma'am.
Me: He didn't throw it on my porch. He bounced it off my front door.
BM: I apologize, ma'am, and I assure you, it will NOT happen again.

I wish I had it on tape so I could post an mp3 of it, heh. It was very satisfying. Of course, the cynic in me says there's like an 0.0001% chance it was all bullshit but I don't think so. I have a pretty decent bullshit detector and it didn't sound fake to me. The branch manager sounded really pissed and the employee sounded like he was shitting himself.

So. Justice done and a rare happy ending! Unless the guy figures out it was me who complained and shoves a flaming bag of dog poop through my mail slot...

tl;dr: Postal service branch manager rips lazy employee a new ass while customer listens in stunned amazement.

EDIT: Okay, okay. I'm glad that the guy got a talking to, because he absolutely deserved it (and I think the problem would have continued if I hadn't called and complained) but the branch manager was 100% wrong for blessing him out while he still had me on the phone. I never wanted him to do that and I was as gobsmacked as anybody when he did it. Just to clarify, I'm not reveling in the fact that the guy got humiliated, if he in fact felt that way. It's just so rare that we ever have proof of a manager actually DOING something about sucky service, you know?
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