Canary In A Coal Mine (coaldustcanary) wrote in bad_service,
Canary In A Coal Mine

bad-ish service - what would you do?

I have an annoying situation going on with my local Papa John's store. It's not awful, terrible service, it's just pretty annoying.

I'm a teaching assistant at a large university. I have my own office in an academic building, and because I teach during the day, and take my own classes at night, and often work in my office in between, well, I spend a lot of time there. About once every 2 weeks, I order a medium pizza and eat off it for 2 days. Ya, I know, not healthy, but there it is.

My office is on the 4th floor, among others in my academic department. All of the other floors (6 total) are academic departments or university offices as well. Here's my pet peeve -

The delivery guy won't come inside, let alone up to my office. Now, they *used* to do this, last year when I would order. But the last few times, they tell me to come outside to get it. Finally, on the 3rd time, I ask the nice enough delivery guy, "Hey, you folks used to bring it right up to the 4th floor last year, what happened to that? I'm not pissed or anything, but did policy change?"

He replied, "Well, we've had some problems with drivers in other parts of the country getting mugged in dorms."

Now, that I understand. Very sucky. But... "But this isn't a dorm..." I replied, with furrowed brow.

"Oh, now we just wait outside on all college campuses, for every delivery. Sorry." And he left.

I know, I know, it's a minor thing. But one of the reasons I order pizza is to avoid leaving my work to go get food...I pay the guy to bring it to me. And going down 4 floors and outisde in January to pick up my food does not tempt me to tip well. (Though I do. Always $3 and change on a $10ish order, and he only has to drive 3 blocks to get to the university. I tipped more when they brought it to my office.) I did the running-down-outside crap when I was an undergrad living on campus and I ordered food...and shit, even they would come in and wait by the elevator! This seems really stupid that they won't differentiate between a dorm and an academic building.

Should I bother calling and asking the manager about this policy, or am I just being a whiny bitch? You decide.
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