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food madness and STUPID waitresses.

My daughter and I went to a local mexican place today for lunch. We go there often and generally have no problem

Today though....weird wtf nonsense!

We ordered a combo fajitas plate..chicken and steak....and then waited. About 20 minutes passed and we saw what we thought was our order come up. It certainly did look like a chicken and steak fajita combo.....the cook called out "table 13!" which was us, and we watched with some confusion as a waitress, not ours, picked up our order and brought it to another table, a couple who had only just come in and ordered.

Hmmmm. Thinking maybe we were wrong and we weren't table 13, we waited some more. Maybe ten minutes went by and orders came up and went out and we got...nothing. Finally the cook called out another table number, looked at us, looked at our waitress, called her over and began pointing and gesturing to us, the other table that got a combo plate, the other waitress....

He had the other waitress come over, said something to her, and she audibly said "OH MY GOD REALLY!?!" and then went over to the table she had served, took the half eaten food away from them, and started to bring it to our table!


Our waitress stopped her, made her bring the people back their food, and then brought us the order that had just come up...chicken fajitas with no steak, and explained that the other waitress had given our order to the wrong table, and that they were making us some steak to go with the chicken and it would be right out.


Now I understand that mistakes happen. But it's less a mistake and more raging unbelievably painful STUPIDITY for a waitress who does not have table thirteen to go get the order for the table she does not have, give it to a DIFFERENT table, and then, when told she gave the wrong food to the wrong people, think she's going to take that half eaten food  away from the people who are eating it, and GIVE IT TO THE PEOPLE WHO ORDERED IT!

I mean.....really?
What would she have said? "Hi, I accidentally gave  your food to them, but they only ate half of it so here's what's left..." ???? And what did she say to the people who were eating it? "Oh sorry, you can't have any more of that, it's not yours." ?????

So...she took the food for a table number that wasnt hers, gave it to a completely different table,  then when they'd eaten half of it she yoinked it away from them and tried to give it to someone else.

Stupid much? I mean is there any  reasonable defense for any of that?

Our poor waitress was utterly mortified. We assured her we knew it wasnt' her fault, but she was still understandably upset that it happened.
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