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Movie Theater Terribleness

I went to see Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian at a 9:15 showing tonight. Decent movie, up to a point.

Approximately a half an hour until the end of the movie - you know, right where all the climactic stuff starts happening, there was this really loud beeping in the theater. It almost sounded like a truck backing up right there in the room. But since it was the climactic point of the movie, no one in the theater wanted to go tell anyone that worked there, lest we miss anything.

So the movie ends, all the while this loud beeping interfering with our enjoyments. Everyone in our party was pretty significantly annoyed with this, so we decided to go to the ticket counter and complain to management.

But since we'd gone to such a late show, the ticket counter and concession stands were completely dark. No workers in sight. We did see some guy sitting on a bench dicking around with his phone, so I walked up and asked if he worked there. This is where the bad service starts. Commence script format.

Me: Do you work here?
Guy: Yeah.
Me: Uh, well we were just in Night at the Museum and towards the end, there was this loud beeping. It was pretty annoying and . . . well, we were wondering if you could do anything about it.
Guy: Um, no, I can't do anything about it.
Me: You can't?
Guy: No. If you came back like next week, that movie would be gone. That reel is really old and it beeps when it's having trouble.
Me: Okay . . .
Guy: I ran up and fixed it.
Me: But that doesn't change the fact that there was this beeping for at least a good twenty minutes. And it was really loud and annoying. Are you sure you can't do anything? Reimbursement? Vouchers? Anything?
Guy: No. I can't do anything.
Me: I see.
Guy: Yeah, I can't do anything. The movie is old.
Me: So you can't do anything. Okay.

Then we left, of course.

I guess I'm just appalled that he was so rude. Okay, we didn't get vouchers or anything, but if he'd at least been a little more professional and polite, and maybe offered us at the very least an apology for the situation, I think I'd have been mollified. But his overall attitude was pretty terrible.
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