The Coconut Scholar (coconut_theory) wrote in bad_service,
The Coconut Scholar

Not awful, but irritating nonetheless...

I went to Kroger this evening for a couple of essentials. At this Kroger, there isn't an express lane with a cashier. Small orders can either go to regular lanes or use self-checkout lanes. I don't usually mind self-checkout, except when the machine does weird things.

Well, tonight the machine did a weird thing. It randomly stopped me from being able to scan and the screen said that a cashier had been notified to assist me. I know that the machines have sensors and stuff designed to prevent cheating, but I had just been scanning as normal and putting stuff in the bag carousel. I didn't have anything requiring ID, no produce, nothing tricky. So this holdup was a bit annoying.

Once this screen popped up, I looked toward the cashier station. No cashier in sight. No other employees in sight. This Kroger is chronically understaffed, so I prepared to wait. After a couple of minutes, the cashier came back and cleared the hold. Yay! On my way out, I noticed that she was holding scratch-off lotto tickets in her hand. As I walked out, I saw the scratch-off vending machine and realized that that's where she must have been.

I find it hard to believe that this chick couldn't wait until the end of her shift to buy her tickets. It's a vending machine and a 24-hour Kroger...the tickets aren't going anywhere! Way to have priorities, huh?
Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!, *grocer
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