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Pay attention to us!! QQ

Dear waitress we had tonight at our neighborhood pub:

You know that we're regulars here; we come every week to play Name That Tune, we have been since September. We don't buy much between the three of us: my friends usually wrack up the bill with five or so alcoholic drinks each, we usually get appetizers, and I sometimes get meals with my Coke. So you know that we spend about $50 each week. We're paying customers, we tip well, and we rarely, if not never, cause problems. You've waited on us in the past too, and have always been prompt to refill our drinks, etc.

I understand that, tonight, you had two other tables with 6+ people that were probably higher priority than us because they were going to have a more expensive bill, which would have given you a better tip. But that's no reason to forget about us. We didn't see you come by our table for at least forty-five minutes, though the other two tables saw you at least every five. We drained our drinks about ten minutes after last seeing you, so our empty glasses were in plain view on the table.

Honestly, we didn't buy much at all tonight; between my friends, they drank a total of ten alcoholic beverages, I got my Coke for free (designated driver), and also got a club sandwich (the bill came to a total of $52). And we were playing Name That Tune, which could have been a reason why you didn't come over (so as not to disturb us in our thoughts of "Dangit, I know this song, what is it called?!?!!"), but really, forty-five minutes? Did we give you a bad tip in the past or something...?

Anyways, when you finally came to our table when the Name That Tune round was over, we asked for the bill. Which you got right away - took you maybe a minute to come back with it. We weren't impressed, so that affected the tip you got from us. Which will probably affect your service towards us later on. But I really hope it won't come to that. :(

Backseat Surfer.

(I'm not sure if this seems like a bad service to others, but we were all tired and grumpy and wanted to gtfo of the pub as soon as we could, so the time it took for our waitress to get to us was painful. We could have waved her down but we could never catch her eye while she was running around doing her waitress-y things.)
Tags: bar/public house, it's only bad service if you die
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