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Sucks/annoyances from my university

My university has a famously, famously bad admin. Here are a few choice highlights from my life and the lives of my friends:

One. I have two scholarships that pay my full tuition.* In fact, every year, I wind up having the university owe ME money. Why? Because they deliberately try to make it difficult to renew my second scholarship (so as to avoid paying for it), meaning I usually have to pay up-front and get reimbursed.

Come December, I get an invoice claiming that I had $738 to pay on my FALL tuition (due in August, and fully paid in August). This was... surprising.

Well, it was $738, minus $238 that they owed me--so I had to pay EXACTLY 500$, which seemed to be a wee bit odd to me--my university does not do round numbers for any aspect of tuition, ever.

I was stressed out as heck. Why did this money appear? I couldn't ask anyone, as all the offices were already closed for Christmas break, so I toddled around on my financial statement online. It said "transfer from a [different] academic session," but it wasn't from the spring courses I took abroad--those were registered as paid up.

But there was an equal credit of $738 on my winter account. So come winter, they theoretically had to pay me exactly what they claimed I had to pay them in fall.

Oh yes. In an attempt to balance out how much they eventually** have to pay me, and forward my credits through, they stupidly charged me for fall, then 'balanced' it by giving me credits for winter.

First thing when the offices open up in January, I go in to get it fixed. The lady at the desk tells me it's already fixed. "What?" "Oh, somebody stopped their work mid-way through before leaving for their break, so as soon as the computers started back up this morning, it got fixed. And look, the late-payment interest you accumulated is also gone! It's all fixed." Yeah, thanks for making me worry for 2.5 weeks about how I was going to pull 500$ out of my rear-end because someone did some half-finished creative accounting after I could no longer ask questions about it. (I live in the same town as the university, mail does not take long, and the offices were already long-closed by the time I got my invoice.)

Two. My friend was denied OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program, or government-sponsored student loans). She always gets OSAP, so this was a shock, but she pinched her pennies and soldiered through the year. Come February-March, when trying to fix some other massive administrative mess, my friend went to financial aid. The nice lady at the financial aid desk mentions that if she wants, she could pick up her OSAP now. That's right, she had OSAP all along and the university falsely told her she had been denied, since September, despite months of protests and attempts to figure out what's wrong and why they claimed to have lost her forms. Why, I have no idea.

Three. The most straight-forward suck.

My university is bilingual, English-French.

So my other friend was trying to get answers on how to apply as a 'mature student,' while speaking in English to the InfoLady. She was basically telling him to go to the same offices he had just been at--i.e. giving him the jerk-around. He got an important call, so very apologetically mentioned he had to take it, and began speaking to the person on the phone--in French. As soon as he hangs up, the lady at the desk says, "Ah, vous parlez francais!" (Ohhh, you speak FRENCH?") and immediately gives him detailed instructions on where to go, what to get signed, etc. etc.... all to make his process smoother as he's bilingual/francophone, whereas she was not willing to put out the effort before when she thought he was an anglophone. A bad_apple is bad_service.

*We're in Canada, this is a so-so school, tuition is cheap.
**They do everything in their power to avoid actually sending me a cheque, on a regular basis.

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