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Um wait, wtf?

So I went to the local RiteAid to get my film developed. It's not surprising that the photo processing area is pretty much empty except for a lone, old Asian woman who is waiting to get help to print out some photos from her digital camera. We're both waiting for a while, and finally the grumpy clerk, a middle-aged white woman, comes to the counter. She fiddles with the Asian woman's camera for a while, trying to figure out how to take out the memory card. The Asian lady doesn't seem to be able to speak English very well, and is mostly gesturing to the photo lady.
She did say "need printout", but the photo lady turns to me, looks exasperated, and says "I don't know what the hell she's saying". I look at her like >_> but don't say anything.

So photo lady realizes that the machine used for printing the photos is freezing, so she comes over to take my film. She takes down the info and tells me the pick-up time, and then the following exchange takes place:

Photo lady: "I need you to help me with this lady."
Me: "Um...ok."
PL: "Ask her what she wants."
Me: (to Asian lady) "Are you Korean? (I'd figured as much, based on her accent)"
Asian Lady: *Nods*
Me: (to Photo lady) "I don't think I can help you out here, I'm Japanese. >____>"
PL: "Oh. Well, if you can't help, then you can go."
Me: "................"

Ok, so I get obnoxious white people in my town assuming that I can't speak English pretty often, but never have they been as rude as this lady. Way to assume that I would be able to speak the same language as the Korean woman. o_O What?!
Too bad I'd left the film with her, I would've just gone elsewhere. Ugh.
Tags: drug store, stupid racism
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