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Bad Hair Day

I generally lurk here.

I graduated high school on May 31st. I got a haircut the same morning.

My hair is extremely thick, curly, and dark. My bangs and part of the sides are bleached blond, and it reaches my chin, while the back is a bit shorter, just reaching the bottom of my neck. There are lots of layers, and the back is a good two inches long. Not a lot of hair, but I like it kind of short. I straighten it every other day.

Picture, for reference (I'm Myspacing it up on purpose okay), though it's a bit old. Hair style was still pretty much the same.

I went to a place called Hair Cuttery to get it done rather last minute. Friends had told me nothing but good about the place, so I didn't think it was too bad.

A woman named Soledad did my hair. I said I just wanted a little trim in the back to shorten up the layers, to leave the sides alone, and shorten the bangs slightly. I said my hair is usually between an inch and a half and two inches long but I wanted no more than 3/4" of an inch off. She washed my hair and had me remove my glasses. I hate taking my glasses off because I'm blind as a bat (I will literally be blind by the time I'm 25), and I can never see what they're doing to my hair. I put my hair's life in her hands and she goes at it with a pair of scissors. Ten minutes later, she hands me my glasses and a mirror and spins me around.

Instead of two inches of curly black hair, I now have half an inch of fuzz on the back of my head. All the hair from my ears back has been cut down to half an inch in length.

I started to cry. Soledad asked me what was the matter, and I explained I asked for a TRIM. A TRIM. NOT MOST OF MY HAIR HACKED OFF. She told me that I had asked for an inch and a half off. No, that is not what I asked for. I said it was usually about that long, though. For the rest of my haircut I quietly cried into my jacket sleeves.

She offered to even out the top of my hair and shorten my bangs, but I refused. After she had already chopped off most of my hair in the back, I refused to let her cut anything else and she blow-dried and straightened my hair. I paid $27 to have quite a bit of hair cut that I wanted to keep. I then went outside and called my daddy so he could pick me up and let me cry in his lap about the horrible haircut I received. Then I went to a friend's house to get ready and I cried some more.

Then I took pictures for graduation and cried some more.

All in all, I'm still not happy with it. I'm going to be calling the manager the moment I get off school tomorrow to complain. For now, I'm wearing a chicken hat to distract everyone from it.

ETA: My camera is being fixed, but I should have it back within the next two days, so pictures/update to come.


TL;DR: Received complete opposite of what I asked for, stylist argued with me. Que tears.
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