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Best Buy

So I went to Best Buy today while I was out and about. While at my usual club last Sunday, I heard a song that got stuck in my head. I figured if it was still in my head by the end of the week, I'd buy the CD. So, here we are.

Nonetheless, I go into Best Buy to pick it out. What CD was it? Lil' John and the East Side Boys, the "Kings of Crunk" album. Before -anybody- says anything about my choice of CD in this instance, I'll point out that I'm not generally/ever a consumer of rap/rap products. I normally listen to Industrial, but this song was just catchy and... what can I say, I wanted it. Nonetheless.

I get up to the counter and lay my CD down. The cashier looks at it, looks at me, and begins giggling. I figure it's because I look like the last person in the world who would buy a rap CD, so no big deal. But throughout the span of the transaction, she continued giggling.

Generally, I don't appreciate being laughed at by an employee when I am buying something. After I paid for my CD, and listened to a minute long spiel about how I can win a gift card if I go to some website, I take my CD and head out.

I've still yet to figure out what was so funny to her. I wasn't dressed bizzare. If it was the CD I was buying, it's just improper to laugh at the customer's taste. I wouldn't figure it to be proper etiquette to laugh at product, and people, for any reason when you're an employee.

Now, what is one to do in a situation like this, short of just finding a manager to talk to. I try not to be the snarky guy who attempts to get everybody they encounter fired.
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