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Gas woes

Lurker, first time poster blah blah blah formalities.

Reading another story here reminded me of this and being reminded made me mad enough to rant about it all over again.

This happened last summer when gas prices in my area were about $4.30 a gallon (ouch!) and I was coming back from seeing my boyfriend in Tallahassee (about a 3 hour drive). Had to stop in some little podunk off of I-10 for gas, I think it was in Madison. Anyhoo, proceed to self servicing myself and I notice the pump is acting kinda funny, slow and making spurty noises. The gas comes up over 13 gallons before it clicks off which immediately makes me WTF because I drive a Civic with a 10 gallon tank and maybe a gallon reserve and I wasn't even totally on empty.

So I head into the station to buy cigs and see about maybe getting a credit for 2 or 3 gallons and mention the pump might be malfunctioning and the station worker comes down on me like a ton of bricks. I mean. BAM. "I know your type, trying to scam a few bucks. I know gas prices are bad but you have to PAY" and this gem: "They don't even MAKE gas tanks less than 20 gallons!! (um, what? yes, yes they do)." Anyway I didn't get my cigs, he promptly tossed me out of the store and threatened to call the cops if I didn't leave.

I probably should have done something about it but it was like 2am in the middle of ass-nowhere Florida. No. I'm going home.

bad_service is opening a can of whoop-ass without bothering to check if it really is a scam.
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