Anyone with that many tattoos... (there_she_went) wrote in bad_service,
Anyone with that many tattoos...

WTF Gas Station Service.

I swung by my local gas station to fill up my car and buy smokes. The gas station is 24 hours and so is their little mini-mart snack stop whatever thing. I walked up to the door, and it was locked but the employee was standing there sweeping (it was around 3am). He looked up at me and kept sweeping. I knocked again and he continued sweeping and didn't open the door. I tried one more time, knocked and said "I'd like to buy American Spirit Lights" and nothing. Still sweeping. I gave up and went back to my car and waited for my gas to finish pumping. I saw the guy look at me through the windows and basically watch me stand there waiting for the gas to finish pumping. As I was finishing up and getting into my car I saw the guy open the door for some guy who had just walked up.

Seriously, WTF?
Tags: inconvenience store
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