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TERRIBLE service from a Cultural Center

Background: I run a nerdy event every year that involves a bunch of people in costumes having a picnic. This year, I decided to have a dance, because people have been asking for one for awhile now and it seemed that I had enough money to do so. I contacted a number of local convention centers and hotels and finally settled on a local cultural centre, on March 21st. I described my event and the dance, and they gave me a rate. On Monday, May 25th, I e-mailed again to make sure we were still good for May 30th, and received a confirmation, saying that someone would meet me outside the doors at 7 PM.

And on to where this becomes a b_s. This is mostly crossposted from my personal journal.

No one was there at 7 o'clock to unlock the door upstairs to the room, as was agreed upon. Our DJ was there with the music equipment and I had security ready to go and everything. All of the attendees were lined up outside the door. At around 7:30, we started getting a little impatient. The front door was unlocked, so the DJ started bringing the music equipment in. Suddenly, a man appeared and told us we couldn't bring that in there. We protested that we had booked the room for the night, and his reply was: "No you didn't. There's no event for tonight."

We spent nearly a half an hour arguing with this guy, to the point where I actually ran to get my laptop to prove that we were in contact with the director of the establishment. The guy who told us there was no event said that they've been trying to get ahold of me for "weeks" (which is funny because the most recent e-mail was sent on Monday, and I never gave a contact phone number so there was no way ANYONE was trying to contact me). I showed him the e-mails, and he said that it wasn't his problem. He said that in order to get the doors unlocked, he had to work tonight, and he didn't WANT to work tonight.

So we had to inform all attendees, most of whom had paid IN ADVANCE for their dance tickets, that there was apparently no dance tonight. The guy was telling us that we ALL (roughly 40 of us with no real place to go) had to leave the premises and I didn't know what to do. One of my security team went and talked to the guy again about liability issues. She said to him "You know you just put a big group of minors out on the street, right? Their parents think they're going to all be in a building supervised by adults, and now they won't be. What if one of them gets hit by a car because they're all out on the street when they're supposed to be inside?" Again, he replied "That isn't my problem".

I've already sent a very lengthy e-mail to the director (who I was in contact with) about how shocked and angry I was by our treatment, and I also left a message on his answering machine. I'm writing a letter to the editor of the local newspaper as well, and one of my co-workers, who is very in on the local scene, is spreading the word as well. No one can believe how we were treated.

ETA: I just received this e-mail from the director. I've altered names and removed phone numbers. Everything else is as it was when I received it.

Hi Nekonezume

I am really sorry for what happen on the weekend. After receiving a call from Miss, telling me that there was a group of people waiting to go in the Centre saturday night, I made a call to Mister the person in charge of the cleaning of the Centre to ask him to go and open the Centre for your group. I really don't understand why he react that way. I'll have a discussion this afternoon with him. He is suppose to come in at 2 pm today. After talking to him, I will call you to give you his version and why he did react like that. Again, I am really really sorry. This is not the way we want to work with the community. I am here as a director since last december and this the first time something like that happen and I don't want to happen again.

Could you give me a call around 3pm today at xxx-xxxx or just send me your phone number and I'll try to reach you.


(Re: his grammar, I live in a bilingual city so French is his first language)

So, in other words, the man who told us to leave and said he didn't want to work was told BY HIS BOSS to unlock the doors for us. WOW.
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