insaint (insaint) wrote in bad_service,

Feeling lazy this morning, I hit up Wendy's for breakfast. Don't know about the States, but up here in Canada they have recently changed their sizes. Oddly, they made them bigger. So a small now is what used to be their medium. Fine, no problem.

What I didn't know, though, was that if you order a value meal and they ask "would you like that in small, medium, or large?", answering "small" will automatically upsize from their current "value" size.

Apparently it's their policy to just do silent upsizing. I got the difference refunded, cause I'm neither shy nor afraid of confrontation when I'm slighted, but seriously. What the hell kinda policy is that? Would it be hard to say "would you like to upsize to a small, medium, or large?" and avoid confusion?

This'll teach me to eyeball the "with tax" price of whatever I'm ordering before I order, so I can catch something like this before I pay next time.
Tags: *fast food, canada
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