lorelei633 (lorelei633) wrote in bad_service,

oh HELL no

I live in an apartment complex. My apartment is upstairs, but my front door is ground level, and so are all of my neighbors'. There are mail slots in the doors. Normally what happens is, the person delivering the mail walks up the two relatively low steps to the front door, opens the mail slot and pushes the mail through. Simple, right?

I'm sitting here yesterday afternoon when I hear something bounce off my front door. I go to investigate and what do you know, there's all of my mail lying on my porch. I look down the row of buildings and I see mail lying on every single porch. Apparently, the person delivering the mail felt it was just too much to ask for them to actually step up on every porch and put the mail through the slot, so they decided to simply walk by and hurl the mail at each person's front door as they passed.

I hate to repeat myself, but oh HELL no. I am calling that post office first thing Monday morning and speaking to the branch manager and I am going to light them up like the fourth of July. There's plenty of people out there who need a job and are willing to work, so they need to fire the trifling, lazy-assed pitiful excuse for a postal "worker" who delivered (and I use the term loosely) the mail here on Saturday and hire someone who actually wants to work.

I mean...what the fuck, man?
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