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Dunkin Donuts

My last post here was in regards to bad service received at a local Dunkin Donuts. On subsequent visits, the employee who swore at me was never seen again. This pleased me.

But Dunkin Donuts, we have a problem. It exists with your drive thru. It seems no matter which location I go to (and I have about 7 to choose from) something gets screwed up. The only exception to this is if I order a large coffee, cream only. This, you are able to get right. An example from yesterday, at the drive thru:

Me: May I please have a large, hot caramel latte and a cinnamon twist?
Drive Thru Guy (DTG): whole or skim milk?
Me: Whole

I get to the window
DTG: $3.23
Me: (Knows this isn't enough) Is that for the latte and cinnamon twist?
DTG: Oh, you wanted a cinnamon twist? Just.. as is?
Me: Yep.

DTG runs the card, hands me that back, and a bag. I open the bag, and there is a cinnamon raisin bagel. Oh, ew. He comes back, and gives me my latte. I tell him, again, that I ordered a cinnamon twist, not a bagel, and hand him back the bagel. At this point, he gets flustered, and asks me to park.

SINCE WHEN DOES DUNKIN DONUTS PARK YOU?!?! McDonalds parks you if you go through drive thru and order 17 cheeseburgers. Or if the fries are going to be a few minutes. This makes sense. But it seems like every fucking time I go to Dunkin Donuts, I get parked. For a bagel. A sandwich. A latte. A cinnamon twist. Honestly, why offer these things in drive thru if you can't provide them in a timely manner? Limit drive thru to coffee and donuts, nothing else. Make people get out of the car if you can't provide them in drive thru!

And yes, I know I could get out of the car and go in. But by going through the drive thru, I'm attempting to save time. Which never happens. And if this was just ONE location, I'd avoid that location. But it is nearly all of them. And I drink a lot of coffee!
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