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Red Cross Suck

Every so often, I try to give blood for the Red Cross. I'm only 17, so they're often in need of what they call "young blood." I figure it's the least I can do.

The first time I gave blood was this past October at our high school blood drive. I was extremely nervous, as this was my first time. The people there did not help to assuage my fears at all. When I first got the screening done, the nurse who took down all my information was really nice. I was feeling a little bit better. Then, when I actually got to the table to give blood, the lady there started barking out orders at me, making me feel really uncomfortable. Not only was she basically yelling at me, she also did not smile or try to make me feel comfortable at all. When she couldn't find my vein, she started swearing and getting really upset, which really didn't help me at all.

So naturally after that, it took me a long time to want to give blood. I finally gave again in the beginning of April (didn't have any problems whatsoever), and I was scheduled today to come in today and give blood.

When I first got there, the nurse told me to take a seat in one of the booths (there were two). I sat in one and she asked me to come to the other. Okay, no problem. So when I walk to the other one, she says, "You should have walked around" and gave me a nasty look. I didn't understand why she was so upset about me walking behind the curtain, after all,  I was the only one there. But maybe there were chemicals or whatnot behind there that they didn't want people to come in contact with or whatever, so I just shrugged it off my shoulders.

After that, she asked if I had a Red Cross card. I gave it to her, and she went quickly through the information. Once again, she wasn't very congenial at all. I understand if you don't want to strike up a conversation, but could you at least smile, please? To at least make me a little less nervous? She took my temperature and it was 99.1. She double-checked to make sure if I was feeling well, which is fine, and then she goes "Are you sure you don't have swine flu?" Umm, what? Not just the flu, but swine flu? What the hell? I told her that no, I didn't have swine flu, I just got done with a double period of gym in a stuffy gymnasium. She rolled her eyes at me and proceeded to prick my finger. I had some food dye left on my hands from a chemistry lab, and instead of asking me what it was, she went, "What's on your hands??? You know you're not allowed to have a tattoo, right?" 

At this point I was bewildered. This did not look like a tattoo. This looked like.... food dye on hands. Or Crayola marker remnants on hands. I finally convinced her that it was just plain food dye, nothing more, nothing less.

When she took a sample of my blood, she looked at and said. "Looks clear. You're on your period."
"Uh, no, I'm not."
"Then you're going to start."
"No... I have at least two weeks."
"I don't think so."

I was so agitated at this point. Really, lady? You think after 5 years I would know my cycle by now.

She tried to find my blood pressure and couldn't do that, either. She threw her instruments on the table and walked away. Luckily, another woman came over and told me my iron was low, but we could do another test. This woman was very nice, she asked very nicely about what kind of mess I'd gotten my hands into, etc. I wish she would have been my original screener.

I went to leave because my iron was still too low, and my original person yells, "Hey! I'm taking a smoke break."

I really enjoy giving blood, but sometimes the people there really make me want to quit..
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