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Annoying Pharmacy WTF. Details, please.

I dropped off a couple of scripts yesterday right after I had my wisdom tooth pulled. The tech told me it would be a 15-20 minute wait, so I decided to wait.

45 minutes later (this is not the b_s, I understand they quote you a wait time and get busy) I get called up and told that my insurance expired. She's going back and forth on the screens, can't figure out why. I'm just as confused as she is because I just got meds in January from having a baby and it worked fine then. I went ahead and paid full price (which thankfully wasn't a lot) and told her I'd call my HR to find out what was up.

Pharmacy tech verbatim: "Okay, well, if you figure it out just bring your receipt back and we can refund you the difference."

I leave, and as soon as I get to my car I realize that my insurance company sent me a new card a couple of months ago because they switched over to CareMark. I mentally slap myself for being a moron, go home, get the card, take my drugs because I'm in severe pain, and go back with my receipt and my new card. She puts the card in, it goes through just fine. Yay, problem solved and I get some of my money back. She pages up a manager and when he gets back there I hand him my receipt which has been openly in my hand the whole time.

Pharmacy tech: "Oh, uhh, yeah, do you have your labels (meaning the *bags* that the drugs come in)?"
Me: "No, I just have my receipt."
Pharmacy tech: "Oh, we need the labels to do the exchange. Are they in your car?"
Me: "No, they're at the house. You told me to bring back my receipt, so I have my receipt."
Pharmacy tech: "Oh. Sorryyyy, we need the labels to do the exchange. We can't override an exchange without the labels"

Yeah, so I go back home and get the damn labels, and I'm pissed at this point because I already don't feel good. Thankfully, I only live .5 miles away from this place. I brought the damn labels, my drugs, my receipt and every other damn thing I could think of back the 3rd time.

This was simply a minor annoyance. A few details go a looooong way. All she had to say was "Bring your receipt and the labels back" instead of "Bring your receipt". Because, you know, to me "bring your receipt" means: Bring your receipt.

I apologize in advance if this is badly written, I'm on drugs and still in a lot of pain.
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