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Weird service, that creeped me out, but didn't end badly

I was at a gaming convention this weekend, working for my store. My manager reserved a room for my co-worker and I to share, so we didn't have to drive in and out of town every day.

Two of us were staying in the room--me, Samantha Smith and my co-worker Jeremy Collins. I recently got married, and haven't changed my license. I go by a hyphenated last name, my license says "Samantha Maiden Name" and my boss decided not to check with me as to what I prefer, and made the reservation under my husband's last name (Smith). (Obviously these aren't our real names, but first and last names are important for the story.)

I got there the day before my co-worker, so I was the one checking in. First, it took forever to convince the person what my name was.

Employee: Name?
Me: Samantha Smith.
Employee: I don't have a reservation for that.
Me: I have the confirmation, so I know you do... Ok, well, try Jeremy Collins. We're sharing for the convention.
Employee: Jeremy Collins? I thought you said Samantha Smith?
Me: I did. My boss made the reservation under both our names.
Employee: So you're Samantha Collins?
Me: No. I'm Samantha -Smith-. My co-worker is Jeremy Collins. We're not related. We're sharing the room for the convention.
Employee: I don't have a reservation for Samantha Collins.

It took quite a bit of back and forth before she figured out what I was talking about, but eventually I got checked in, and got 2 keys for my co-worker and myself.

Then I had to go work, because the first shift of dealers started early. I planned on checking in, working, then bringing my stuff up to the room from my car after I'd closed.

Six hours later, I drag everything in from the car, up to the floor I'm on, and go down to the room. My key opens it no problem.

But....there's someone's stuff in the room. Some woman's stuff.

My coworker is male, and I know he won't be up till the next day, which leaves me no explanation for why there is a random pile of stuff in the room he and I are sharing alone.

So, I haul everything back down stairs, and up to the desk. I thought maybe someone else from the store had come up and hadn't told me? Or maybe the Owner's wife was crashing for a night or something?

I give the receptionist my key, and tell her there's someone in my room, and ask if anyone else has checked in.
Employee: No...You've got the room alone. You're Suzanna Collins, right?
Me: Uh...no...my -coworker- is Jeremy Collins, my name is Samantha.
Employee: Can I see your ID?
Me: Hands it over they didn't ask for it before.
Employee: ...that's the first step to checking in. Let me sort this out for you. So you're Samantha....Maiden Name?
Me: That's my maiden name, i haven't changed it yet. My boss made the reservation under my husband's name-- Samantha Smith.
Employee: Oh. Ok, I get it.

It takes about 10 minutes for them to work out that the first person I spoke to had just sort of assumed that she knew who I was better than I did. There was a reservation for Suzanna Collins, my name was close, and the last name matched, so we must be the same person.

Then when the -real- Suzanna checked in, I guess she was just checked into the same room and not told anything?

It got sorted out, and I got another room, but still. Dude. I told you my name. I told you my co-workers name. I told you my boss's name, who made the reservation. If you're not going to check me in, just don't check me in. Don't put me in someone else's room because you think I don't know my own name or what the reservation was made for.
Tags: ^wtf, hotel/lodge, say my name say my name
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