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Bullshit at Lowe's

My wife just called me and told me that someone at Lowe's charged her $35 after talking to her about building a deck.

She didn't take anything home. She didn't purchase anything. She certainly didn't know ahead of time that they were going to charge her for TALKING about building a deck. And she was ganged up on by store staff to the point where she knew she wasn't getting out of there without paying for whatever the hell she allegedly bought.

Does anyone work at Lowe's and know what I'm talking about here? Is there some kind of consulting fee in place? I'm about 15 seconds away from driving over there and fucking someone up.

The Latest: Called Lowe's corporate customer service and relayed the incident (without swearing once! I'm proud of myself!), and someone is supposed to call me back within 24 hours to get this resolved.

Conclusion: Store GM called me just now, apologized profusely, and told me what the $35 was about - it was the charge for having someone come out and measure the space for our deck WHICH MY WIFE DID NOT WANT. Promptly canceled that whole situation, got our $35 back, and everything is fine now.

We're going to Home Depot later.
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