Verstehen (mysticblossom) wrote in bad_service,

Minor Hotel Annoyances

So my friends and I went to an anime con this previous weekend, and stayed at the official hotel. There were 10 of us, so we reserved two hotel rooms, both guaranteed two beds. This way pretty much everyone got to sleep in a bed. When we got there, the line to check in was, of course, very long. Some rooms were available early, some were not. That's fine. It was around nine AM and check in time was 3 PM. We understood we might have to wait until 3, but our group leader just wanted to make sure. She gets to the front, and they tell her she'll be able to check in at 3, but she is a very determined girl and goes back every hour to check and see if we can get in yet.

Finally, at around noon, she is told we can get into one room, and she temporarily has us all put our stuff there. A couple of hours later, we find out the room was double-booked, when an indignant mother of pre-teens comes in, expecting that it's her hotel room. Both she and my group leader (whose credit card paid for the rooms) are upset. When she goes to the front desk to complain, she discovers that the hotel has given both our group and the other lady's group new rooms. I don't know why they felt the need to do this, but there were guesses that the hotel didn't want to seem like they were playing "favorites." Whatever.

However, at this time, she is also told that our room will not be ready until 4. And while this is not a huge deal, it was a very large inconvenience to be told that because the hotel made an error, we would have to move all of our things, and our second room, which we had already paid for, would not be ready on time.

Edit: Right, okay, we messed up. I do honestly get that now, thank you, though I still don't believe it's beyond my ability to be annoyed at the hotel. You can continue to tell me, but I don't really think I'm going to read every single comment (since the general gist is: don't do that). In the future, we'll be more aware of these issues.
Tags: didn't read the box/sign/instructions, enough dogpiling yeah?, i don't know why it says that, maybe they were zombies

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