Just me, the good and the bad. (dragons_f_wolf) wrote in bad_service,
Just me, the good and the bad.

Would you like fries with those insults?

I originally posted this in Customers Suck, the reason being that I wanted to know if I as a customer would suck if I complained. However, a few people felt that it was too OT & belonged here. They were more than likely right, so I deleted the original post & decided to post it where it belongs. That said, here is the story of the manager from hell. She has been quite rude to me & my son on a few occasions, the first time being the worst.

The first time, I took my son in & the manager called him "she". No big deal, he has very long hair & it's a common mistake. I usually pass over it by saying "He would like ____." Most people either apoligize or just take their cue from me & correct themselves without making an issue of it. However, this manager told my 7 year old "special needs" son that he should cut his hair because he looks like a girl. He was quite upset. He may be a special needs child, but he knows when he's been insulted. He started crying, & I just took his hand & walked out. Luckily I hadn't paid yet so I didn't have to wait to get my money back & was able to focus on calming him down right away.

The second time, I went in to order breakfast. The same manager took my order & said, "That's 4.48." I had a five & a one in my purse. I thought I grabbed the five & handed it to her. She looked at me like I was an idiot & said, "I said it's 4.48 & kind of flicked the bill back to me. I looked at it & saw I had handed her the one. I said, "I'm sorry. I thought I grabbed the five." She just sniffed at me & said, "Sure you did."

The last time I went in she was talking to the other employees at the top of her voice about another worker. "He thought I couldn't do anything to him, but I clocked his butt out & sent him home! He said he was gonna go to the GM's house & tell her & I told him go right ahead, she had the coffee on! Yeah, ____ won't be messing with ME again!" She actually said the person's name, & everyone in the dining room could hear her. I don't think that if you do something wrong at work that it should be broadcast to everyone within earshot. It's embarrassing, disrespectful, & unprofessional for a manager to act like that in my opinion. And customers shouldn't have to listen to someone trying to make themselves look "tough". But be that as it may, it's really none of my business, I suppose. But I did have to stand there for 5 minutes before she got around to taking my order.

Being a fast food peon myself, I really don't like to complain about other workers. But I do think this lady is out of line. Should I complain to her boss or just let it go & avoid going in when she is there?
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