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A moment of WTF

I go to our Burger King up the street about three times a week, I know most of the staff but lately it's been that time where they are going through a turn over with school being out. The normal drive through guy has been doing other things or not there and tonight there was a new woman working the drive through.

The woman was a black lady who I had never seen before and she takes my order, I drive around where I sit and wait at the window. The lobby is closed so there are no customers in the BK. I wait a couple min and she finally comes from the back with a bucket for cleaning. As she comes around the corner she screams back at her co-worker this lovely gem. "I HATE WHITE PEOPLE"

I am sitting in my car with the radio on, the drive through window is closed and she is a good ten feet away from it. It was a moment of wtf and then a quick thought of she hasn't got my money yet, maybe I should just go down to the block to Krystals.

I catch a glimpse of her co-worker, the regular drive through guy and I really hope she was just joking because he is also white. Long story short she takes my money finally between cleaning jobs and I get my food. The woman wasn't really friendly but I am going to assume her first week and she was rushing to get her work done.
Tags: *fast food, stupid racism
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