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I just want to get some effing gas

Yesterday, the gas light in my car came on, so I stopped at a Sunoco gas station that I have stopped at many times before to fill up. It's not my regular gas station, but I frequent it often enough to know that the place is almost entirely run by teenagers. Normally, this just means that they are usually sitting around and goofing off with one another, or with friends who have stopped in, yet normally they are still doing their job while socializing. I worked in retail for 7 years when I was a teenager into my early 20s, and I understand that for them, "it's just a job." For this reason, I'm fairly forgiving for the lack of professionalism - I really don't require a conversation or much attention at all because I don't really care, so long as their goofing off does not interfere with my getting what I need and getting out.

I stopped at a pump and my friend ran inside to get a drink while I slid my card to start getting some gas. I hear heavy breathing over the intercom followed by a deep "I am your father," and think "alright, the kids are playing today. oh well, I'll just ignore it.. the I am your father thing is even a *tad* funny" and continued to attempt to get gas.

Next thing I know, I'm trying to push the credit button and the screen goes back to "Please slide your card." So, I don't put the two together and I think "crap, I must have hit something" and try again. Same thing. Still not putting it together, I try a third time, and simultaneously, the kid says over the intercom "hey, lady in the green skirt! Talk to me, I can hear you!" (green skirt lady was, in fact, me). He continues to say "Hellloooooo" and I can also hear him saying the "I Am your Father" thing on other pumps. Now, I'm kind of an introvert and frankly, I have about ZERO interest in engaging in conversations with strangers, and especially not teenage boys who work at the gas station. So I look at him because he's peering out the window at me and I nearly gave him a one-finger-salute, but in attempting to rise above, I glared at him and ignored him and tried my card one more time. This time, not only was my transaction canceled mid-way, but the screen now says "Card cannot be used at this time." The kid had canceled my transaction so many times it locked my effing credit card at the pump.

I realize that I should have immediately gone inside and asked for a manager, however, like I said above, I also just happen to know that the chances of the manager on duty also being a teenager/early 20-something (read: not giving a shit and probably thinking what the kid did was funny) was about 75/25. I was just so annoyed that I decided that they did not want my business and when my friend came back out, I went to the exxon across the street instead. I realize that my card was not permanently locked and I could have gone inside to pay, but frankly, I just didn't even want to deal with them anymore. (Damn my shyness!)

That Sunoco has likely lost my business for good, because I have many other options on the same corner and this kid's little fun was crossing the line for me. Like I said before, unless it interferes with my transaction, I don't really care if you're being social with your friends or whatever. It's NOT alright with me, however, to keep canceling my transaction to the point that it locks the pump on me. I highly doubt they would care very much, though, if they lost my business (which is the unfortunate truth.)

tl;dr: Kid act Sunoco acts like an annoying brat and tries WAY too hard to engage in conversation when I make it clear that I have zero interest in talking through the intercom. Kid cancels my transaction to be cute so many times that it locks my card, thus losing Sunoco a customer.
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