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Nail salon and Bank of America

So yesterday I drove to the mall to get my eyebrows done. As it had been a while since I got one, I decided to go for a manicure and pedicure. There's only one guy who I let go anywhere near my eyebrows, but I saw that he was busy with another client. I figured its pretty hard to fuck up a manicure pedicure so decided to just get that done with someone else while I waited til he was done so he could do my eyebrows (big mistake!).

The lady calls me over to sit in one of the massage chairs, I sit down and she programs it to start massaging me. She turns on the water and points for me to put my feet in, it's scalding hot. So I put them in but quickly pull them out and tell her it's a little too hot, no biggie she adjusts the temp and then I put my feet back in when she says it's ok. She tells me to pull one foot out and I do and she pulls out the nail file, she then proceeds to "file" my nails. Actually she just swiped the file back and forth on each toe and then put the file away. She basically did it for show and made no effort to even out my nails or file/shape them correctly. She then does my cuticles, tells me to put my feet back in the water. Then she takes out the pumice stone, again she rubs it against my feet and puts it away in a flash. I won't bore you with every detail of the pedicure but she went through the whole thing in rapid speed.

About 15 minutes later when she was done, she told me to go sit down and my toenail grazed the leg of the chair. I admit, it was totally my fault and as soon as I realized I'd messed up one of my nails, I pointed it out to her and asked her if she could fix it. She made no effort to smooth it out or actually fix it and instead just painted over the big gap of polish that was missing, although that may sound perfectly fine it's not the correct way of fixing it. Unfortunately I didn't notice until later. I sat down for her to do my manicure and she asked me to pay. I went to get my card out and it was then that I realized I'd left my card at the ATM earlier that day. I was kind of freaking out so while I normally would've said something about the rush job she did with my pedicure I was totally preoccupied with wondering how I was going to pay for this and canceling my card and getting a new one. I managed to fuck up another nail on my hand this time (I was trying to call my boyfriend to ask him to bring me some cash) and she basically did the same thing with "fixing" it by painting over it and leaving the polish lumpy and not smooth. I realize I wasn't the ideal client with screwing up her work so much but I wasn't very happy with how she went about fixing the mistakes.

I came in at the same time as another girl who was getting a pedicure (one color, nothing fancy) and I got a manicure and pedicure and was drying my polish while she was still sitting in the chair. I don't consider that a good thing because it was obvious that the other nail tech was taking her time while mine was basically rushing through the whole thing.

So as I stated I left my bank card at an ATM. Of course while all this was going on my phone was dying (haha, when it rains it pours) so it wasn't until when I got out of the salon that I was able to call BoA to find out how to rectify this. I called up their customer service center and first asked the rep if there was anyway to put some sort of hold or freeze on my account. Since my first plan was to check first thing the next morning at the banking center I'd left my card at to see if some kind soul would've turned my card in there and then maybe I wouldn't have to cancel my card and have them reissue a new one. The lady said that they couldn't do that and said that they could only reissue me a new card. I'd heard something about them issuing a temporary card for me to use if my old one was lost (until the new one arrives) and asked her how that worked. She explained that I'd just have to go to one of their banking centers and they could take care of it there. Awesome! Since they couldn't put a hold on my account I figured it was better to be safe than sorry and asked if she could please cancel my current card so that I could go the following morning to get a temporary one. She said she couldn't do that and that I'd have to cancel the card in person at the bank. Huh?? I thought that made absolutely no sense but decided not to argue and hung up the phone. I discussed it with my boyfriend who also called bullshit, so I called back and spoke to another rep. I explained the convo I'd had with the last rep and asked him if that was accurate, he said that no, they could indeed cancel my card over the phone and I could get a temporary one the next day at a banking center. I thanked him and this morning I went to the banking center. I explained my predicament to the woman at the bank and she was very nice and got me a temporary card. Fast forward to a couple hours later when I'm at Publix and go to use my shiny new temporary card and it says invalid pin.

When the woman at the bank asked me what pin I wanted to use I had her program the same pin I had on the other card. The odd thing is that she input all the information on her computer and took the card out of a sealed envelope. At no point did I see her swipe the card or enter the card number into the computer or anything (she handed it to me upon taking it out of the envelope)and I thought it odd but figured she knew what she was doing. I'm now thinking she might've not programmed the card correctly or something because I went to the Bank of America ATM and tried it there and no dice, it won't take the pin (she repeated it back to me and had to enter it twice on the computer so I don't think she entered it wrong).

So all in all my weekend has started off pretty sucky, especially since I don't carry cash on me and rely pretty much on that bank card. *sigh*

tl;dr nail lady rushes through my mani pedi. I lost my atm card and bank of america gives me wrong info and then gives me a temporary card that doesn't work!
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