AngharadTy (ladytalon) wrote in bad_service,

Help with some bad service

My fiance and I bought Lineage II, at the behest of a friend who wanted someone to play it with him. It's a massive run by NCSoft, and we have a fairly dim view of them about now. It seems they have this problem, which we suffered from--the CD key on this new game was already taken, so we couldn't register our game to play it. (This is after hours of trying to patch the game--their patching system is apparently horrible; we ended up downloading the full game straight from the site because it was faster than patching.) We about gave up at that point, because we were already unimpressed and hadn't even played it. But I convinced him to email their support. Support says that we have to fax them a copy of the CD sleeve with the key on it and the receipt from Game Stop, and then it'd take a few days to get sorted out one way or the other. We don't have a fax machine, so we can't fax without paying money somewhere--and I'm not paying more for a game I already bought, thank you very much. So that's out.

That's one side of the bad service. We're sick of NCSoft, we want out--we already have negative vibes attached to this game, and anyhow the reviews aren't that great, and PVP sounds like it sucks. So we want to return it. This is the other side of the bad service--although really it's a bad company policy, not the fault of the employees, but it still counts, I hope? This is the part I'd really like advice with.

Game Stop's policy is that you can't return new, opened software. I understand this on one level, but I really, really don't think it applies to my situation. I feel as if we've been basically ripped off--they did sell us a game we can't play. It is, essentially, damaged goods. I could struggle with the software company to finally get a way to play it, but I really don't want to play it anymore. I want to return it. Game Stop doesn't want me to. I'm all for going down to the store and politely being irritated at the situation, but I was wondering if anyone here has any thoughts for me?

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