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Inner Voice

Business hours are when you're ACTUALLY open, not just when you WISH you were open.

There's a specialty paper store whose paper I've been lusting after for the last few months. Finally I have enough money to do some just-for-fun shopping, so I decide to buy some.

I walk past the store several times over the past few weeks, hoping to catch them while they're open. They seem to be "on a break" a lot, according to the little sign on their door every time I pass by.

Finally I decide to call them this morning around noontime and ask if they'll be open today. "Yes, 10am to 7pm," the lady answers. I comment that they seem to close a lot in the middle of the day, and she says that they're understaffed and have to leave the store sometimes. "I understand; thank you," I answer.

I go to the store today at 6pm - kind of late, yes, but still within the business hours I was told that noontime. Nobody there, sign says "on a break" as usual. I wander off and check back at about 6:10, still no one. I go away and buy take-out and come back at 6:30, still no one. I try calling the store's number and I can hear the phone ringing inside the empty store. I eat my take-out while lying in wait outside the door of the store. Another person comes by, looks at the closed store in dismay, and asks me whether they're closed for the night or whether the person "on a break" is coming back. I tell them I don't know. The two of us wait there for a few more minutes, then leave at 6:45.

Dear Specialty Paper Store: Business hours are when you're ACTUALLY open, not just when you WISH you were open. If you don't have enough staff to be open from 10am-7pm, why don't you cut down your business hours and then make sure you're actually in the damn store during those hours. Good job losing two people who desperately want to become customers but can't because you're not there.
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