Danielle (toodani) wrote in bad_service,

just some funny "bad service" i wanted to share.

the other day I stopped by a Wendy's b/c I was craving a frosty. I had to use the inside b/c my van can't use the drive-thru (plus it has another restaurant's logo on it, i felt guilty!) So it was empty inside and there was one guy behind a register on his cell, either texting or reading. Right as I got to the register, he put his cell down and started to walk away but then noticed me standing there. He kind of shook his head to refocus himself and then started talking to me. I thought i was going to get the friendly "hi, welcome to Wendy's, what can i get for you?"

but no.. no.

I got "oh sorry, i didn't see you. I'm a little distracted. see i just read that my 15 year old neice is pregnant, the baby is due next tuesday and I'm just now finding out! I'm gonna kick her ass"


me: "ummmm... ok. Can i get a chocolate twisted frosty with m&M's? thx"

it was all i could do not to laugh! Talk about TMI with a perfect stranger. Then threatening to beat up a child/female/pregnant person all in the same breath AND cussing while doing so. A+ experience.
Tags: *fast food, ^wtf
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