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TGIF bad service, somewhat happy ending?

On Wednesday, my father, mother and I went to the local TGIF for dinner. No one in the house wanted to cook and we decided it would be a nice treat to just get a good hamburger and tasty, tasty fries.

The place is doing a good business. No wait, but still a good amount of tables full. There's a huge, rowdy children's birthday party going on in one of the rooms. The hostess notices our look as we're seated in that section and says they should be gone soon, it's a 40 head party but they're almost done they're meal. My father decides to stay in the section, mainly because he wants a booth. Okay then.

A waitress comes by quickly to take our order. We all know what we want, so we order our drinks and food in one go.

My father isn't an impatient man, but you don't get between him and a meal when he's hungry. We all chat for awhile, then my father notices it's been about ten minutes and we haven't gotten our drinks. He flags down the waitress who apologizes and runs to get our drinks. She tells us the big children's party is really demanding, so she's been caught up with them. We murmur sympathies and she runs off again.

So we wait some more. My father starts to get antsy. He notices some people who were seated after us have already recieved their food. So he starts to get annoyed. It's not too busy, apart from the party. We check the time, it's been a half hour since we ordered. How long does it take to make hamburgers? We try to find our waitress, but she's gone totally MIA. We flag down a passing bus boy and ask if he can grab our waitress. She comes over a few minutes later, empty handed, apologizing about the wait. She says our food will be out momentarily. My father asks what's taking so long and the waitress says she has no idea, but that she's been in the kitchen yelling for our food. She seems stressed, so we let her go and she promises to bring our food in "two shakes".

We wait a little longer, and my father is getting angrier and angrier. It's now been 50 minutes and we still don't have food, and now we don't have drinks either because no one's come to refill them. My father finally takes matters into his own hands, gets up and goes to the hostess station to ask to see a manager.

A few minutes later, our waitress comes back, and has two of the three meals. My mother and I get our food, but my father is left with nothing, which you can imagine just added to how pissed he was. He tells us to just start eating, and the waitress says the manager will be there in a minute. Mom and I eat, but the fries are cold. The burgers seem okay though. The manager comes over, sans burger, and tells my father she's sorry. She went to the kitchen and saw that his burger was totally wrong and unacceptable and she's ordered them to remake it. She told him they didn't follow his instructions at all (he wanted just a plain burger, pickles on the side, that's it). She seems geniunely pissed off at the kitchen and apologizes again at the wait. My father tells her it's okay, and she tells us we're getting free desert and $15 off the meal because of this. My father thanks her and waits for his burger.

The burger finally comes, brought over by the manager herself. By now it's been over an hour. Mom and I are nearly done with our meal, so my father digs into his food with relish. He's hungry! He takes two bites and then groans.

His hamburger is completely RAW inside.

We flag down out waitress, who actually exclaims "Oh my freakin' Jesus!" when she sees the inside of his hamburger. She is totally floored. My father is really angry at this point, he tells her he doesn't even want to eat anymore, they can't get a simple hamburger for him. He tells her how much we like this TGIF and we've never had a problem here. The waitress grabs the burger and says she'll be right back, with the manager. We try to convince my father to eat some of our food or fries, but he says that's okay and eats the pickles from the little cup they had given him for his burger.

The manager takes awhile coming back, and the waitress visits us once more to see if she can do anything else for us, apologizing the whole time. We ask what could have went wrong. She looks over her shoulder at the still rowdy party and says they totally broke the kitchen. Forty people and almost everyone ordered an appatizer and an entree, which was like cooking for eighty people, PLUS the rest of the resturant. The kitchen couldn't handle it and broke down entirely. She says she used to work the kitchen and had actually gone in there to try and help finish cooking our burgers herself because it had been such a long wait. She said she had done my burger and my mom's but hadn't done my father's. We're appauled. Our poor waitress had to cook our food herself because the kitchen imploded! We thank her for trying.

The manager comes over, looking pretty pissed herself, and sits next to my father. She tells us how sorry she is and she's just at a loss for words. She says she has no excuse for what happened. We thank her for trying to help and she says she won't insult us with a bill. The meal is totally compted. She asks if my father wants anything to eat, even desert, and my father says no. He said he's just annoyed and doesn't trust the kitchen at this point. The manager says she understands and would do the same in my father's place. She said the next time we come back, to ask for her, and she'll make sure she'll make this meal up to us in the future. We thank her again, and thank our waitress, and leave. We had arrived around 6:40 and left, finally, at 8:20. The huge party was still there when we left. My father went home and had a cup of tea and an English Muffin. :( I felt so bad for him, all he wanted was a hamburger!

So while it was super nice the manager compted the meal, I'm still kinda in awe of how FUBAR'd that got. The manager and waitress were very nice, but the wait and then the uncooked burger were just beyond belief.
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