Shannon (hoodster777) wrote in bad_service,

I hate my medical insurance

Backstory: I have Oxford medical insurance, and its under my dad's name because I'm still a full-time college student. I switched doctors because I became to old to go to my pediatrician, who I was seeing for the past 10 years, and I've had Oxford pretty much the entire time. I went to my new doctor on Saturday to get my PPD test done because I needed it for Student Teaching because there was a special form they had to sign. I fill out my paperwork, and they ask me if I called Oxford and switched my primary care physician. I said no, because I didn't know that I had to. They told me to call Oxford on Monday and ask them to backdate the date that its switched so I'm covered for that visit (it couldn't be changed because I NEEDED this done by Wednesday because I had to hand the paper in).

Let the bad service begin: So I called Oxford on Monday and I was told that because of my plan, I didn't need to specify a primary care physician, but they could if I wanted to, but they can't backdate it. I took down a reference number, and thought all was well. I went and got the test read that day, and let them know that I called. Well today they called me and told me that since this is being dated as taking effect on Monday, the doctor won't get paid, and I'll get a bill, so I have to call Oxford again.

I called them while at work and tried explaining to the guy that I was speaking with what the office had told me. He kept on insisting that I won't be billed, that my insurance doesn't require a primary care physician to be specified, and I could see any primary that I want. I asked him for a reference number, he gave it to me and told me to "have them call him so they can be educated on your plan". I wanted to hit him through the phone, he was so rude! I ran over to the office because they're adjacent to mine (I work at a medical office), and explained to them what he told me. They pull my info up on Oxford's website, and it said right there that I needed a primary specified! But to give them both reference numbers, with when I called, so that way when it goes to billing, they can take it up with Oxford.

This insurance is giving me nothing but problems- one of my specialists is no longer in network (but he accepts my secondary, so that's good), they stopped authorizing my physical therapy, and now this!

Tags: insurance woes

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