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Two friends and I decided to grab a bite to eat at McDonald's last night before going for some drinks. Now, I had worked a year and a half at McDonald's and my friend X was currently working at one. My friend Y goes to order and...

There are two separate lines of practically equal customers. When it is our turn to order, she calls a customer out of the other line and serves him before us. I order and so does X. We are told we have to pay for a BBQ sauce for our fries despite this not being the fact, but we don't really care enough to raise any issue. (One sauce free for all fries, one sauce for 4 nuggets, 2 for 6, 3 for 10, at least at the McDonald's we worked at...but I guess not this one)

My friend Y goes to order and this happens

Y: I'm wondering, do you have any ice cream cones left? (Seeing as though the ice cream station had no cones)
Cashier: You want an ice cream cone?
Y: Are there any?
Cashier: *walks away to prepare our orders, comes back* So you want an ice cream cone?
Y: Uh, yes please.
Cashier: 1.57$
Y: *hands her 2.57*
Cashier: *closes her cash and begins to walk away*
Y: And my change?
Cashier: *stares blankly*
Y: I gave you 2.57, I should get 1$ back in change.
Cashier: (In french, there are different ways of putting the same phrase, and informal and formal crap. So, basically, she told my friend "calme-toi" which I find is the rude version of "please calm down")
Y: About what? I'm just asking for my change. (My friend had a level head the entire time, wasn't rude, just asking for her change back(
Cashier: *still not giving her change back, walks over to another employee and begins to loudly shit-talk Y, accusing her of trying to scam a buck out of her cash*
Y: We can hear you, you know.

She then walks back to her cash ignoring us and begins serving ANOTHER customer, at that point I just called a manager over, explained, and he opened her cash and gave the money back.
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