Crystalline Stars (likeredgold) wrote in bad_service,
Crystalline Stars

This is still an issue in progress

I recently stayed at a nice hotel by the name of Crowne and Plaza. I've been to others of this hotel chain and have had a mighty good time an no complications. It was not to end as such this time around.

So, me and some friends shared a room and split the cost by way of cash and debit for my share. This was also normally not a problem. We told them that we would like to pay cash on check out and they agreed as long as we had a card on file--it was one of my friend's and we're still good.

Flash forward to earlier this week, where I try to buy something for $3.04 and find my card declined. I freak out and check my back statement only to find hell waiting. Turns out the Crowne charged me $95.21 causing my card to overdraft. This charge wasn't even something that should have happened considering I was not the main card on the account and our hotel bill showed that we owed the hotel nothing anyway. They later refunded me the amount (without me asking or knowing of the charge)...after five days of overdraft fees had already accrued to the tune of $170 dollars.

My bank is saying it's not their fault and Crowne is saying they aren't at fault either. So I'm $170 short and no one's doing anything. I'm still being yanked around on a chain trying to get a response out of someone--because someone owes $170 dollars and it sure as hell isn't me.

Tags: hotel/lodge
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