Goddess of the Dawn (thyra) wrote in bad_service,
Goddess of the Dawn

Burger King

My husband went to BK to get himself some lunch and surprised me with some cheesy tots (yuuum!). I ate two of them, but they were cold, burnt, and chewy. I told my husband this and he explained to me (he used to work at that exact BK to help out his friend who was the SM, so he knows what all they do) that to save time, they pre-cook some fried foods, leave them under a heater, then drop them in the grease again to reheat them.

Ew. And that's exactly what they tasted like. Normally I would just throw them away and call it a loss, but I had to go to Publix anyway (which is conveniently in the same parking lot), so I dropped into BK and the manager was already at the register:

Me: My husband just bought these tots, and they taste reheated and gross *hands over tots and receipt*, so I would just like some fresh ones, please.
Mgr: No problem. *tosses old tots and calls for new tots to be made*

So I step off to the side to wait when an employee walks around the corner from the drive thru and stands slightly back from the counter with her arms crossed and her head bobbin' with an attitude. She starts talking to the manager whose back was facing me and she was looking very pointedly at me as she said:

"Mmmhm! My case in point. Them things should be breakfast only."

She pauses and waits for my reaction, but I'm not taking the bait. I continued looking around, reading various signs while I wait, so that was her cue to keep going on, loudly:

"Mmhm, case in point. Cheesy tots is BREAKFAST FOOD not ALL DAY food."

Again, I didn't acknowledge her, so she stalked back to her drive thru window. Moments later my order came up and the manager handed me the bag.

Me: Thank you, but I don't appreciate your employee making loud, rude comments about my order. Clearly she does not own BK, and BK thought it wise to serve their customers what they want, including moving cheesy tots to the all day menu. She doesn't have to agree with it, but the blatantly loud and rude comments were completely unnecessary.

His response?

"She wasn't talking to you. She was talking to me."

At that point I just walked out and got the direct number to the local corporate office from our friend. When I called the lady I told her that I don't want coupons and I don't want free stuff, I just want those people to learn some self control. Ugh.
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