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That's two double burgers, large fries, hold the argument....

I know, I know, expecting GOOD service from McDonald's is kind of like looking for a ruby in a mountain of gravel.

Nevertheless, this one was unusually egregious.

Yesterday we omitted to pack a lunch and went through the drive-through at McD's on Plum. My SO ordered a double quarter-pounder, large fries, and we also had a coupon for BOGO, so that made two double quarter-pounders, one large fries.

At the speaker we had the first issue, as the girl taking our order seemed to have problems punching in the DOUBLE quarter-pounder rather than the ordinary version. A couple repetitions failed to clarify matters and when she said "Your total is $X at the first window *click*", the text on the screen still said two quarter-pounders.

So we drove ahead prepared to discuss it at the window in person. When we got there, the teenage employee actually tried to argue with us about what we'd ordered. I was passenger, so my boyfriend was doing all the debating, but every time he restated (TWO, DOUBLE quarter-pounders with a LARGE FRIES), she would nod and then say "So that's two quarter-pounders--" which eventually led to him interrupting her and raising his voice. Finally it seemed to sink in, and she called over another employee to help her void the transaction and punch in the correct order.

Our total, apparently, was $Y. We paid with a ten and pulled ahead.

On studying the receipt, the order STILL wasn't right. A Large Diet Coke had materialized on the total, which was a mystery to us both as the word "coke" never passed his lips.

So at the forward window, we pointed this out, asking for a manager.

The manager, to give credit where it's due, was indeed apologetic, but dayamn. I've never run across anyone so determined to get the order wrong.
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