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EDIT: Party poopers. ;p

A remembered BS inspired by this post.

I'm vegan. I like tomato pie.

Most pizza places around here offer a tomato pie on their menus, but some of them like to sprinkle a bit of cheese on top. No biggie, I just specify that I want a tomato pie with absolutely no cheese. Seriously, I even bust out those mad HTML skills over the phone. :O

I never really had a problem doing this, and a few places have even asked if I'm vegan. Sah-weeet. But last summer, I had a ridiculous/kind of funny experience. I called up my local hole-in-the-wall, ordered my 10" tomato pie with absolutely no cheese, yada yada yada. Delivery guy shows up, I pay him, we're cool. I'd ordered from this place before, so I didn't bother to check the pizza before he left. Oops. I opened the box, and it looks like there's a ton of garlic. Like, a nauseating amount. I sniff it... nope, that's cheese. Gross. Called the pizza place back, and the following exchange occurred.

Me: I ordered a 10" personal tomato pie without any cheese, and I just got it and it's covered in cheese.
Same guy who took my order: Huh?
Me: Yeah, about 20 minutes ago I ordered a pizza and I specified no cheese, and it's covered in grated cheese.
Pizza man: Oh, yes yes yes. It's romano.
Me: ...okay? I asked for it without any cheese.
Pizza man: Well, it's like, it's not cheese like we usually do. Just sauce and spices would not taste nice.
Me: Welllll, first of all, I've had your tomato pie without any cheese before, and it tastes great. Second of all, romano is cheese, and I don't eat cheese, and I'd like another pizza.
Pizza man: ...seriously?
Me: Um, yeah.
Pizza man: (sighing) Fine, I just try to help.

Uh, what? You could have helped by making me what I frickin' ordered.

Sooo, delivery guy comes back with a new pizza, apologizing profusely. Whatevs, it's not his fault. I tip him again and give him a free tomato pie with romano not cheese like they usually do and thank him for putting up with my nitpicking.

Like the last poster said, why on earth do people feel the need to overcompensate? If I order something, that typically means I like it that way. :/
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