Tori (simpledoubt) wrote in bad_service,

Auto Zone Suck

Auto Zone is an auto parts store, a lot like Napa or Schucks etc.

I went in there a few weeks ago to pick up some new suspension springs for my car and while I was there the clerk informed me that I could rent a spring compressor from them for free. Rather than having to spend 50 bucks on a tool I'd be using once I decided to go for it. The terms of the rental are Auto Zone charges my card for 33 bucks and when I return the item they put the money back on my card.

I went through the entire process and to make it easier to return it, provided my phone number and drivers license number so I wouldn't need a receipt to bring it back.

I went in yesterday to take back the Spring Compressor. Some greasy haired dude decided to help me and the kid I'd originally rented it from was assisting another customer on the phone.

Mr. Greasy Hair didn't say one word to me. Seriously! I told him I was returning a rental and he opened the case, looked at the equipment and then looked at me blankly. I asked if I needed my receipt and explained all my info was on file and he nodded. I went out to the car to check to see if I'd tossed the receipt in the glove box but realized I was in my other car when I picked up the parts.

When I came back in Greaseball was helping another customer so I grabbed the compressor and walked over to the kid I'd originally rented it from. He was on the phone so I waited. Someone else had left a receipt on the counter and when Greaseball walked by he picked it up, looked at it and finally spoke!

Script Format from here on out

Me: Annoyed Customer
G: Greaseball
D: Dude that rented the thing to me

G: This isn't the right receipt
Me: That isn't mine
G: You need your receipt
Me: That's not what this guy told me when I picked it up
G: Fine, then he can fucking help you! *Walks Off*
D: *On the phone with a customer wanting to order parts. As he's speaking he picks up a box of Whoppers and starts eating them. I could hear him crunching from where I was standing. Customer must have gotten angry because he got off the phone in a hurry* Can I help you?
Me: Yeah, I rented this from you and I don't have my receipt. Can you help me?
D: Sure *starts typing* Do you have your drivers license?
Me: *hands it over*
D: *To G* Can you put in the password?
G: *Puts in password, access rental record marks it as returned*
D: *Walks off to cash register and starts scanning a gift card and some other things. Pulls out $33 from register and comes back and hands it to me*
Me: I put this on my credit card. Can you refund it to the card?
D: No, we don't do that
Me: Then why did you tell me when I rented it that I needed to be sure to bring this credit card back with me when I brought it back?
D: I don't know *walks off*

So Greaseball was the only one in the store with the pass codes to process the return and give me my money back but instead decided to act like a jackass and make me go hunt for a receipt that I never really needed.

Fast forward to today. Auto Zone calls me and tells me to come back in so I can give them the $33 cash back and they can process it to my card. I told the guy that it wasn't happening and that I'd asked for it to be put on the card when I was in the store. He said something about charging my card (it's on file now) for the service charges they're incurring. As politely as I could I told him that he needed to remove his head from his ass to make room for the foot I'd be shoving up there if I saw anything else from their company processed to my card.
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