Kaitlyn (kaitlyn142) wrote in bad_service,

Would you have complained about this?

I was at the grocery store after work today to pick some random things up. I unloaded my basket onto the conveyor and looked up to realize that the girl I thought was just standing near the cashier chatting, was actually giving him a lower-back massage.

Now, I'm a very touchy-feely person, and I have absolutely no problem with cashiers chatting with coworkers and such while scanning my items, but seriously? A massage? It made me extremely uncomfortable, and I tried to just not look. When I handed the guy my loyalty card, the girl winked at me and commented about making him feel good. I hadn't planned on saying anything, but after that, I told her that I felt that it was very inappropriate for work. They both gave me nasty looks, and she walked away.

I was going to complain to a manager, but I was tired and stressed from work, so I was afraid I was over-reacting.

From now on, I'll just go to the Vons a mile down the road. Less convenient after work, but the employees have never been less than amazing to me.
Tags: *grocer
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