Rico (ricorori) wrote in bad_service,

Stop me if you've heard this one...

So I check my bank account online yesterday. Oh my, it's $126 in the hole. What? There's a $175 overdraft fee posted. ...
...So the overdraft fee is more than what I'm in the hole for. Which means...yes, They charged me for overdrafting BEFORE I overdrafted. Big thanks, Wachovia. So more charges go through, which wouldn't have overdrafted if it weren't for, hey, the overdraft fee, wtf. I check it this morning, and I have another round of overdraft fees, putting me in the hole for a total of $300.

I call Wachovia. After getting an ad for Wachovia banking as my hold Muzak, I'm told that I'm charged $35 every time I swipe my card when I don't have a certain amount of money in my account. WHAT?! Not only that, because Wachovia pulled this shenanigan last month and they gave me a "courtesy" and took off some of the charges which weren't supposed to be there in the first place, they can't do anything this time.

ARGH. Was it good for you, Wachovia? Huh? I'm investing in a freakin' mattress to put my money in after this, I swear.
Tags: *banking/finance
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