Manon (harryginny) wrote in bad_service,

bad health insurance service

I'm so pissed off at my health insurance company.
Okay, so i have a health insurance with this company, and i pay €87 per month. But here's the thing: I'm going to the US for a year for my internship, and health insurance is included in the work permit fee, so when i'm there, i have a health insurance (which is way cheaper by the way, only about $35 a month). Today, i called the company to ask them if i could stop my insurance for a year, since i wouldn't be using it anyway, as i would have a new one. The lady on the phone was very...uninterested and basically told me that no, she couldn't do that. Even thoug i won't even be LIVING here, and won't be using it for a year and will have TWO health insurances, and will pay €1044 (=$1421) for a health insurance I won't and CANT even use.
Oh yeah sure, next to my much more expensive rent, a plane ticket, the huge amount i have to pay for a work permit and a visa and the fee i have to pay the school, i can miss €87 a month. No problem.
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