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all i want is to know your return policy

This is more annoying service than bad.

So for Mother's Day, my mom gave me the present of 3 bottles of shampoo.  I've been bitching about needing some and I guess she listened.  Unfortunately, she has total recall of the fictitious and bought me 3 bottles of the wrong KIND of shampoo.  (I have oily hair and she buys me expensive-ish by walmart standards moisturizing shampoo.  *face palm*)  Well, there's no gift receipt, so I decide to call and double check the return policy.  Yeah, I used to work there, but it was back in 2001, so I'm sure policy has changed.  And if I'm going to drive over there, I want to make sure I have what I need before going in.  So I call and this happens:

ME: hi!
FPM: Friendly Phone Monkey

FPM: Thank you for calling friendly [area] WalMart!  What department may I direct your call to?
ME: Service desk, please.
FPM: No problem!  I'll page them if you'll hold!
ME: Thank you!

Cue me sitting on hold for 7 minutes.  (Yes, I checked my cell phone timer thing.)

FPM: Hello!  Who were you holding for?
ME: Service desk, please!
FPM: I'll just transfer you straight there so you don't have to hold as long!  I'm sorry you've had to wait so long!
ME: Thanks so much!  :D :D :D

Cue the phone ringing for three full minutes.

ME:  *annoyed face!*

Cue a click sound and someone going "UGH!" and then hanging up on me.

ME:  WTF just happened???

I called back immediately.

ME:  *thinking 'let's try this again, only not"*
FPM: Thank you for calling friendly [area] WalMart!  What department may I direct your call to?
ME: Could I speak to a manager, please?
FPM:  Of course.  Didn't you just call for service desk?
ME: Yes, ma'am.  Now I'd like a manager, please.
FPM: Right away, ma'am.  I'm sorry for whatever happened!

Cue me holding for less than 45 seconds.  YAY!  Then this happened (and I might add that I stayed completely calm but firm through all of this.):

M: Manager
ME: hi again!

M: This is [Manager], how may I help you?
ME: I'm sorry to bother you, but I just called and The person who answered the phone to direct my call was more than helpful.  However, when I ask for sercive desk and hear "UGH!" before getting hung up on, I amm pretty cranky.  All I wanted was to check the return policy because of [getting wrong shampoo].
M: *shocked*  Oh my goodness!  When did you call so I can see who was working when this happened?
ME:  I literally got hung up on about 2 minutes ago.  The FPM was very sweet and helpful.  I was on hold about 7 minutes total and the phone rang at service desk for 3 before I was hung up on.  I called back immediately and asked for a manager.
M: I am SO SO SORRY!  I will check into this as soon as we are off the phone.  That is completely unacceptable and I'm sorry it happened to you!  Can I help you with anything else?
ME: *askes for return policy*
M: *gives me return policy and apologizes profusely again for me being hung up on*
ME: Thank you so much for your help.

At least the FPM and the manager give a damn about their customers.  Sadly, this is all too common treatment at the WalMart here.  Bleah.  I swear, if I wasn't so poor, I'd just stay away from WalMart all together.

TL;DR ~ WalMart on my side of town has horrible service desk trolls.  They do however have super friendly and helpful phone monkeys and managers who give a damn.

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