thora (mona_meg) wrote in bad_service,

as relayed to me by my fellow receptionists

This is tale of bad_service from my place of employment. I work at a well-known animal hospital.

New receptionist makes appointment with Doc for a new client/patient bird. She checks with Office Manager as well as several techs to be sure Doc will see a new bird. He is no longer accepting new dog/cat clients (but our other docs are; we are a 5 doctor practice) and is the only one who will see birds; however, he only does beak/nail/wing trims. We send sickies to another specialized vet.

Ok, on to the bad_service. Woman comes in. Never been seen. Waits for her appointment only for the Doc to refuse to examine bird and send her out, telling her to tell us that he doesn't know why we [receptionist] scheduled her with him and that he isn't accepting new bird patients.

I don't see why he couldn't have appologized, made an exception, and checked her bird out, and I don't know why he didn't tell us himself instead of making her tell us herself after not being seen.

She was very upset and understandibly so. How embarassing for our clinic.

This was bad_service all the way around from my coworker making the appointment for this poor woman without actually checking with Doc and the way Doc handled it. He was a complete jerk about this whole thing.

*Edited to add that he is the owner and for clarification. Sorry for the confusion!
Tags: pet vet/medical
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