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Museum suck

So yesterday my best friend and I went to Chicago to tour about town and see the sights. Our first stop was the Field's museum! Yay! We got there early which gave us a chance to walk around and enjoy the water front, the little park type area that surrounds the place and just relax from the long ride there from Ohio.

So when the museum opened we were the second ones in line, no one else, just us and one person checking in. There's a huge line of ropes that wind around this way and that and we asked one of the workers coming in where we went and he pointed to the left set of doors and towards the stand where the first person was checking in.

When we got near there the lady pointed, "Back there to that sign and wait until I call." We glanced around and saw two different signs. One was on the side of the doors we were and the other was on the other side of the doors. My friend asked her where exactly and she got a bored and annoyed look and pointed agani, "To that sign!" So we back tracked through the lengths of rope to go out the door and into the door next to it, navigated MORE ropes and then came to the sign she wanted us to wait at. By that time the person she was dealing with had left and we went straight to the counter.

While we got the tickets we were both excited and chatting, attempting to talk to her and explaining it was our first time here and she just kept giving us bored expressions while checking us out. I've never met someone so apathetic.

So then we ran to see the Real Pirates exhibit! So excited! We got upstairs and were the only people in there so we started to slowly make our way around, we really did want to see everything. Que the man in the red jacket. At first he just would come into the room we were in and stand there watching us, we figured since we were the only ones in the exhibit it was excusable. I mean hey, who else is going to watch? Then several groups came in and still...he followed right behind us.

He never asked if we had questions or enjoyed the exhibit or said a word to us. He just would follow us into a room and stare at the two of us. It started to get annoying since I assume he was some sort of security person and he pegged us as trouble makers. Which hey, I've seen happen before but we were never loud. Never suspicious. We just read everything they had and looked at the things displayed. Groups of screaming children ran through pushing each other and sticking their faces onto the glass protecting artifacts but he was locked on the two of us as if we were about to stick pirate gold in our pockets.

Finally my friend turned around and smiled saying "Hello there! How are you doing?" He stared at her a moment and then turned around and walked out of the room. Once we moved into the next part he was right there staring again. He followed us all the way out of the exhibit. Now honestly if we'd been dressed oddly I would have understood, but she was wearing a dressy blue blouse and black dress pants and I was wearing a polo shirt and jeans. No weirdness, nothing suspicious. Nor are we teenagers which might also have made him worry (27 and 30 respectively).

Long story short.

The woman checking people in had us navigate two sets of roped off lines to get to where she wanted 'call' us over when there was no one coming in and she was just finishing the person she was check in. Was bored and apathetic about the entire thing.

Security guy followed my friend and I around to watch like hawks the entire time we were in a special exhibit as if we were a pair of thieves, while ignoring herds of children that were manhandling everything. Didn't even respond to a greeting.
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